Press Release

  • Results From a Formative Evaluation of Two Employment Programs for Young People Transitioning Out of Foster Care

    February 2, 2021

    Join the Urban Institute to discuss the results of a formative evaluation of two employment programs: iFoster Jobs in Los Angeles and Riverside, California, and MY TIME in Chicago. Currently, young people aging out of foster care tend to have less steady jobs and earn less than their peers not in foster care. Employment programs offer a remedy, but research is limited on how these programs operate for young people recently in foster care and whether they successfully bridge the employment gap these young people face. Our conversation will focus on how iFoster Jobs and MY TIME support participants as they seek to attain and succeed in employment and how to build more evidence on what works.


    • Serita Cox, Cofounder and CEO, iFoster Jobs
    • Hannah Daly, Research Analyst, Urban Institute
    • Jiffy Lansing, PhD Candidate, Northwestern University
    • Sean McGinnis, Chief Program Officer, Lawrence Hall
    • Mike Pergamit, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute
    • Debbie Reddic, Participant, iFoster Jobs
    • Darren Robinson, Alumni, MY TIME

    About the Strategies for Supporting Young People Transitioning Out of Foster Care Series

    Many programs help young people transitioning out of foster care find stable employment and pursue postsecondary education. However, little is known about these programs and their effectiveness. In this webinar series, the Urban Institute and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, with funding from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, are sharing findings from recent evaluations and discussing new research on these programs to address the critical knowledge gap. We encourage practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and others supporting young people currently or formerly in foster care to join us.

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