Holiday Resources For iFoster Members
by iFoster | November 8, 2019

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to take advantage of the full range of hundreds of incredible discounts and coupons through the iFoster member portal

Many of our members are not aware of two of our incredible partners, Abenity and Working Advantage, that each contain thousands of discounts of their own accord. If you are looking for gifts, special events, travel deals, or even a new car, these and thousands of other offers are included in these two resources. In fact, one of our very own members recently bought their second car through these partners.

Offers Through Abenity 

To access Abenity, go to “Search All Resources” on the dashboard of the portal’s homepage. Click “Daily Living Expenses.” Under National and Regional Partner Resources, you will find “iFoster Get Perks!” From there, you will be directed to Abenity.

Here are just a few of the amazing discounts you can access through Abenity that could make the holidays spectacular. 

  • Automobiles. There are a few different auto buying programs through Abenity, including ones for Chevy, Ford, Honda, Jeep and Toyota.
  • Vacations. Discounts on hotels, cruises, car rentals and more!
  • Disneyland tickets. Discounts to Disneyland are hard to come by, but through Abenity you can save on a day pass, annual pass and more!

Other offers available through Abenity include concerts, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards and flowers. 

Additionally, Abenity has a unique feature called a savings calculator when you first login. It asks you a series of questions, and then calculates how many potential savings you can get through Abenity. 

This is a great tool not only to find and purchase affordable holiday gifts, but to save on daily expenses that you’re already buying anyway.

Offers Through Working Advantage 

Accessing Working Advantage is a similar process as Abenity. Navigate to “Search All Resources” on the dashboard of the portal’s homepage. Click “Daily Living Expenses,” and right under National and Regional Partner Resources you will see “Working Advantage Discount Program.” From there, you will be asked to register for an account, and then begin receiving all the discounts!

Working Advantage is another amazing resource that offers many of the same types of discounts as Abenity. Here are a few things you can access coupons to through the site: 

  • Hotels. From Miami to New York to Las Vegas, if you want to book a vacation as a gift, don’t miss out on hotel discounts.
  • Theme parks & attractions. From Hersheypark to SeaWorld, what better gift than a fun day at a theme park?
  • Concerts & shows. Whether it be Broadway or Cirque Du Soleil, this is a great treat for anyone of any age.

Other ideas include a day at a ski resort, NFL tickets, apparel, or a spa day.

Additionally, they’re offering tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show in New York City for $46 — a steal. 

One of the amazing elements about these resources is that they are accessible to any iFoster member anywhere. We have members nationwide, and these discounts are applicable all over the country. Whether it be a stocking stuffer, or a major purchase like a car, save cash with just the click of a button.

If you are an iFoster member, take advantage of these incredible discounts and resources this holiday season. If you are a member of the foster care community and would like to become an iFoster member to receive our portal of resources for free, sign up here.

Happy shopping!